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At last count, I have done over 400 exercise videos.  As you can see from the post below, that tally was 5 1/2 years ago.  I would venture to say that I've done at least another 50 workouts since then. Maybe even another 100.  We shall see!  I will think back from now till March of 2008 and try to list the other workouts I've done.

Of what value is this to you, you ask?  Hopefully I can help you choose which workouts might be suitable to your needs and capacity.  There are reviews you can read on and at Collage Video.  (I would trust both of those more than anywhere else).  Or you can write to me and tell me what you're looking for, what space or equipment you have in your home, and I can direct you. There's a HUGE world of fitness videos out there to discover!  :)

Fitness Videos Done or "I am the Girl of 100 Lists"

I don't know if you read one of my earliest posts, but I mentioned that I'd once counted all the fitness videos I've ever done (in my head on an airplane headed for filming the Slim Series Express workouts). This was a year and a half ago and I ended up just under 400 (I think it was 394). I'm sure I've surpassed 400 by now (probably did a month later). I've never written them all down, but think it would be a lot of fun to do. Have you heard the song by The Go-Go's "Girl of 100 Lists?" It's such a fun song with the chorus: "I am the girl of 100 lists, from what shall I wear to who I have kissed. Check items off, let nothing be missed, sing I to myself and my 100 lists."

Well, that's what I'm like. I love to make lists, I love to think of my favorites, I love to categorize my thoughts. So I'm going to attempt to list all the videos I've ever done (a few audios too), categorizing them by fitness genre, instructor or set. I've done this on paper a few times when I had more like 100 just to figure out rotations and to get a mental picture of what I had to work with. I'm not sure what my purpose will be on the blog, but perhaps to have a listing of what I've done with stars for my favorites, which may help you decide what you might like (or you can always write if you have more questions about one of them). 

This will take me awhile, so you'll see it in the making for a few days (hope you don't mind). I will give 2 stars ** for my favorites. Ones that I like and have kept to do occasionally, but they're not necessarily my favorites will get one star *. The ones I've tried and later got rid of will get no stars. And the ones that stand at the top of my favorites will get 3 stars ***. I've marked it <> if I haven't tried it yet (gulp, the pressure! :))

I think that's it! It was a lot harder than I'd thought because when I counted in my mind, I could say "those 6 FIRMs" or "that first step workout I tried of Denise Austin's" -- having a picture in my mind, but not a name or exact title. This way I had to find each title and account for it somehow. Fun to do though. I did have to hold back and refrain from explaining why I hadn't tried very many videos from certain (very popular) instructors like Christi Taylor, Amy Bento, or Jari Love (I've only previewed hers). But I'll have to save that discussion for another day. In fact there are many that I've previewed (like P90X) and decided it wasn't for me without even trying it. Sometimes I misjudge in a preview though. When I first previewed the Slim Series, I thought the music would really bore me because it's super mellow and repetitive, but I just love it. It's never been a problem for me. I'm sure I'll tell you much more as time goes on -- like what the Cardio Coach CDs are like. They're a vital addition to my video collection.

I do want to clarify before I close this post that even though I've done or tried all of these workouts, I don't still have them all. I like to trade or sell them if I don't think I'll use them much or ever again. There are a few that I hold onto for sentimental reasons. And some I keep that are more basic or lighter than what I do anymore in case I have a friend who asks me where to start. Some I keep for my kids do to (my kids loved Tae Bo Junior and March to Fitness).

Also, when I ranked them with the stars, I found that some older workouts may have been favorites for me if I'd tried them in their prime, but some were so outdated by the time I did them (or had many newer options by the same instructor) that I liked them, but never did them enough to love them.

And a little P.S. before the list, I grouped them by genre, but did not alphabitize them in any way.  Hope that's okay!

Yoga / Stretch

Karen Voight – 
  Sleek Physique (also called Slim Physique)
  Streamline Fitness (also called AM/PM Streamline or Strong & Streamlined) **
  Yoga Sculpt
  Yoga Power (has yoga section from Sleek Physique)
  Pure & Simple Stretch

Baron Baptiste – 
  Unlocking Athletic Power ***
  Core Power **
  Soul of Strength ***
  Long & Lean Yoga **
  Journey Into Power 1 **
  Journey Into Power 2 ***
  Yoga Bootcamp Box Hip Flow (audio CD) ***
  Yoga Bootcamp Box Core Flow **
  Yoga Bootcamp Box Vinyasa Flow **
  Yoga Journal Great Instructors* 
  Power & Precision Yoga *

Bryan Kest – 
  Energize **
  Tone **
  Sweat **
  Intensive Body Sculpting
  Power Yoga for Weight Loss
  Power Yoga 20 Minute Beginner
  6 Minute Power Abs
  Long, Slow, & Deep (audio)

Erich Schiffman – 
  Yoga Mind & Body ***
  Backyard Series – Beginning Yoga **
  Backyard Series – Backbends ***
  Backyard Series – Inversions *
  Backyard Series – Lotus

Tilak Pyle -
  Altar of the Heart ***
  Evening Stress Release (audio) **

Max Strom -- 
  Strength, Grace, & Healing **
  Learn to Breathe***

Steve Ross -- Inhale  #1-18

Sara Ivanhoe
  20 Minute Makeover Flat Abs
  20 Minute Makeover Power Beauty Sweat *
  20 Minute Makeover Sculpted Buns & Thighs
  20 Minute Makeover Weight Loss
  Crunch Fat Burning Yoga *
  Crunch Joy of Yoga
  Crunch Candlelight Yoga ***
  On the Ball Yoga Workout 

Ravi Singh / Anna Brett -- 

  Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond
  Fat Free Yoga 
  Warrior Workout **
  Yoga Bliss Hips
  Navel Power
  Ultimate Stretch

Yoga Zone -- 
  Conditioning & Stress Release *
  Evening Stress Release *
  Flexibility & Stress Release
  Power Yoga for Strength & Endurance
  Yoga Sculpting **
  Music for Meditation (audio) ***
  Music for Yoga Practice (audio) ***

Rainbeau Mars -- 
  Pure Power
  Pure Sweat
  Dawn Dusk

Suzanne Deason -- 
   Gentle Yoga for Beginners *
   Yoga for Stress Release ***
   Yoga for Weight Loss**

Patricia Walden -- 
  P.M. Yoga **
  Yoga Practice for Beginners
  Yoga Practice for Flexibility
  Yoga Practice for Relaxation *

Rodney Yee -- 
  Yoga for a Healthy Back <>
  A.M. Yoga

Cathe Friedrich -- 
  Stretch Max *
  Total Body Stretching*
  Yoga Relax **

Debbie Siebers -- 
  Cool It Off *
  Slim and Limber **
  Cool It Off Express ***

Ashley Turner -- 
  Element Yoga for Weight Loss *
  Element Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility *

Elena Brower -- Element AM & PM Yoga *
Kurt Johnson -- American Power Yoga*
Eoin Finn -- Power Yoga for Happiness
Kristen McGee -- FIRM Power Yoga
Kathy Smith -- Wellness Mind & Body Relaxation System*
Evamarie Pilipuf -- Yoga in Nature *
Cyndi Lee -- OM Yoga (audio) <>
Lauren Peterson -- The Yogi Companion (audio) <>
Astrid Kastenberg -- At Home with Astrid yoga (audio)
Beth Shaw -- Power Yoga Fit
Mark Blanchard -- Progressive Power Yoga Foundation
Suzanne Donagan  -- Quick Fix Total Mix (Yoga sections --) ***
Joy Kilpatrick -- Quick Fix Power Yoga
Michelle Dozios 10 Minute Solution (Yoga Section) ***
Yoga Kids ***
Denise Austin -- Power Yoga Plus
Ana Forrest -- The Pleasure of Strength
Shiva Rea -- Prenatal Yoga
Madeleine Lewis -- AM/PM Stretch *
Trudie Styler -- Warrior Yoga *
Laura Hawes -- Yoga Therapy Prescriptions *
Desiree' Rumbaugh -- Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders *
Gaiam -- Strong Knees*

Wow, if I've counted correctly, that's 114  just for yoga!  I'll be posting the cardio, weight, and Pilates workouts I've done soon. TTFN!
Continuing onward.........with Pilates. I don't think I've done nearly as many as with yoga, but we will see. I'm guessing about 1/3 or 1/2.


Ana Caban --
  Pilates Beginning Mat Workout (originally by Living Arts) *
  Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout ***
  Cardio Pilates (I like it skipping the cardio)**
  Energy Boost Pilates
  Pilates for Abs ***
  Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss ***
  Pilates Body Band Challenge **
  Pilates Body Band Kit *
  PM Pilates **
  Pilates Core Challenge **

Hilary Burnett -- 
  Mind Body Mat Pilates Basics ***
  Mind Body Mat Pilates Intermediate ***
  Mind Body Mat Pilates Advanced **
  Zen Stretch * (*** to watch, but crazy hard)

Mari Winsor --  
  Advanced Body Slimming
  Accelerated Body Sculpting
  Bun & Thigh Sculpting
  Maximum Burn 
  Super Sculpting & Body Slimming

Kari Anderson -- 
  Angles, Lines, & Curves *
  Angles, Lines, and Curves II *

Karen Voight -- 
  Pilates Total Body Training
  Pilates Abs & Back

Ellen Barrett -- 
  Pick Your Spot Pilates ***
  Burn & Firm Pilates
  Fat Burning Pilates
  Super Slim Down Pilates Yoga Blend *
  Yogini *
  Fat Burning Fusion
  Slim Sculpt

Kathy Smith -- 
  Pilates for Abs
  Pilates for Lower Body *

Michelle Dozios -- 
  10 Minute Solution (Pilates section) ***
  Breakthru Core Conditioning Pilates
  Breakthru Pilates Plus
  Prevention Flatten Your Belly w/Pilates

Rael Isacowitz -- 
  Rael System 17
  Rael System 27*

Romana Kryzanowka -- 
  Romana's Optimum Weight Management*
  Powerhour Mat Workout *
  Introduction to Pilates Mat
  Mat Challenge **

Brooke Siler -- 
  Pilates Body Box (audio & cards)***
  The Pilates Body (book)*** (I had to mention it because I use it for Pilates sessions too)
  The Pilates Body Challenge (book) *
  Element Pilates for Weight Loss*** (I wish she would make more DVDs!)

Bernadette Giorgi -- 

  Pilates Circle Challenge ***
  Attitude Tu 
  Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion*

Laura Hudson -- 
  10 Minutes Solution Pilates on the Ball*
  Rapid Results Pilates

Niedra Gabriel -- Fit Chic Fashion Your Body w/Pilates ***
Dana Leigh -- Power Pilates ***
Lizbeth Garcia -- On the Ball Pilates
Jennifer Kries -- Perfect Mix *
Lara Hudson -- 10 Minute Solution Pilates
Grace Lazenby -- All the Right Moves
Jillian Hessel -- A.M. Pilates
Denise Austin -- Mat Workout J.H. Pilates
Tracy York  --  Quick Fix Perfect Mix (Pilates part )
Keli Roberts -- Quick Fix Pilates Abs **
Suzanne Deason -- Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss *
Moira Stott Merrithew -- Stott Pilates Core Challenge

That's 62 -- I guess my 1/2 yoga guess was closer than a third. I haven't kept nearly as many Pilates dvds as I have Yoga though. I'm picky about my yoga, but even pickier with Pilates.

More another day............
4/1 -- Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to. Funny that it takes so long to write when I was able to add them all up in my head within maybe 20 minutes on the plane that day. Although airplane time is hard to measure when you have so MUCH of it :).
So now I'll count cardio/weights/circuits. I don't know if I can split them up because it will be easier to group them by instructors (who many times do all 3). Since I guessed on the Pilates, I'll make a guess on these too -- I'm thinking I've done 250? Crazy to think of that many, but if I truly got to about 400 before, that's what it should be.

Cardio & Weights

Denise Austin -- 
  Bounce Back After Baby **
  Hit the Spot Fat Burning Blast ***
  Hit the Spot Abs*
  Hit the Spot Sizzler ***
  Power Kickboxing
  Ultimate Fat Burner *

Donna Richardson -- 

  Step & Awesome Abs *
  3 Day Rotation **
  Sweating in the Spirit (1)
  Brazilian Workout
  Old School Dance Party

Kathy Smith -- 
  Fat Burning Breakthrough *
  Functionally Fit: Peak Fat Burning ***
  Kickboxing Workout
  March to Fitness **
  Shaper Ball Worktout
  Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner ***
  Pregnancy Workout *
  Step Workout

Cathe Friedrich -- 
    Basic Step & Body Fusion **
Body Blast Series:
__Step Blast ***
__Step Pump & Jump ***
__Kick Punch & Crunch ***
__Legs & Glutes ***
__Super Sets ***
__Push/Pull **
    Body Max **
    Body Max 2 **
    Crossfire <>
Intensity Series:
__Boot Camp ***
__Muscle Endurance ***
__IMAX2 ***
__Cardio & Weights ***
__Pyramid Lower Body ***
__Pyramid Upper Body
__Terminator ***
    Butts & Guts *
    Cardio Kicks **
    Circuit Max **
Cross Train Express (CTX) Series:
__Step & Intervals ***
__Kickbox **
__10-10-10 **
__All Step **
__Power Circuit ***
__Leaner Legs *
__Upper Body ***
    Drill Max 
4 Day Split Series:
__Lower Intensity Step ***
__Higher Intensity Step ***
__Cardio Kickbox + Heavy Weights **
__Bootcamp + Heavy Weights **
Hardcore Series:
__Core Max *
__IMAX3 *
__Low Max **
__Muscle Max ***
__Gym Style Legs ***
__Gym Style Chest & Triceps ***
__Gym Style Biceps, Back & Shoulders ***
__High Step Challenge
__Hardcore Extreme
    High Reps ***
    High Step Circuit *
    High Step Training
    Interval Max (IMAX)
    Intensity ***
Low Impact Series
__Cardio SuperSets ***
__Cycle Max **
__AfterBurn **
__Athletic Training
__Low Imact Challenge Step Aerobics *
__Total Body TriSets ** (2 workouts)
    Low Impact Circuit ***
    Low Impact Step plus Total Body Sculpting **
    Maximum Intensity Cardio *
    Maximum Intensity Strength **
    Power Hour ***
    Power Max*
Pure Strength Series
__Pure Strength Strong Legs & Abs *
__Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps **
__Pure Strength Back, Biceps, Abs *
    Rhythmic Step ***
Shock Cardio
__Athletic Step **
__Circuit Blast
__HiiT ***
__MMA Boxing
__MMA Fusion
__MMA Kickbox *
__Step Moves *
Slow & Heavy
__Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders **
__S&H Chest & Back **
__S&H Biceps & Triceps **
   Step Jam *
   Step Heat *
   Step Max*
   Step Works **
Shock Training System
__Mesocycle 1 -- Muscle Endurance Discs 1-12
__Mesocycle 2 -- Hypertrophy Discs 13-24
    STS Total Body ***
    To the Max ***
__All Out Low-Impact HiiT *
__Bi's and Tri's **
__Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps ***
__Burn Sets Chest, Back & Shoulders ***
__Cardio Leg Blast ***
__Chest Back & Shoulders **
__Hardstrikes **
__Legs ***
__Ride ***
__Super Cuts ***
__Tabaticize **

Michelle Dozios --
  7 Day Solution
  Breakthru Body Blast *
  Breakthru Cardio Dance *
  Breakthru Cardio Step *
  Prevention Walk Your Way Slim

Debbie Siebers --

  Burn It Up ***
  Shape It Up ***
  Tone It Up ***
  Tear It Up **
  Firm It Up **
  Mix It Up **
  Cardio Sculpt *** :)
  Cardio Core ***
  6 Minute Abs **
  New Slim in 6 Burn It Up

Kari Anderson --
   Body Tech*
  Dance Works
  Hot Steps
  (I do love Kari -- I just get lost with  her cardio)

Cindy Crawford / Radu --
  Shape Your Body ***
  The Next Challenge ***

Billy Blanks
  Tae Bo Original Basic **
  Tae Bo II Get Ripped Basic
  Tae Bo Get Ripped 8 minute **
  Tae Bo II Get Ripped Advanced *
  Tae Bo Gold *
  Tae Bo Junior **
  Tae Bo Live Advanced Live 4 **
  Tae Bo Live Basics 1-8, 12 *

Chalene Johnson --
  Turbo Jam Cardio Party *
  Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 *
  Turbo Jam Cardio Party Remix *
  Turbo Jam Fat Blaster *
  Turbo Jam Kickin Core *
  Turbo Kick (several older rounds, my favorites being 19, 21, & 22)

Tony Horton --
  P90X+ Total Body Plus
  P90X Chest & Back
  10 Minute Trainer – Total Body . . . <>
  10 Minute Trainer – Total Body  2 . . . <>

Sean T -- Hip Hop Abs --
  Fat Burning Cardio *
  Ab Sculpt
  Total Body Burn
  Hips, Buns, & Thighs **
  Last Minute Abs ***
  Fat Burning Cardio 2 **
  Total Body Burn 2
  Ab Sculpt 2

Burr Leonard --
  The Bar Method -- Designer Sculpting
  The Bar Method -- Fat Free

Karen Voight --
  BLT on the Ball
  Cardio/Strength Circuit Training
  Energy Sprint
  Sleek Physique *
  Streamline Fitness ***
  Strong & Smooth Moves
  Your Personal Best w/ Elle MacPherson ***

Dove Rose -- 
  Dove's Bodies Total Body Workout 1 **
  Dove's Bodies Total Body Workout 2  **
  Dove's Bodies Total Body Workout 3 **
  Dove's Bodies Total Body Workout 4 **

Gunnar Peterson -- 
  Core Secrets 25 Minute Full Body Workout **
  Core Secrets Ab Assault *
  Core Secrets Accelerated Core Training
  Core Secrets Bun Battle **
  Core Secrets Full Body Challenge *
  Core Secrets Give Me 20

Mindy Mylrea --
  CIA 2K02 Slammin Sports Cardio
  CIA 2301 Awesome Strength
  Sara's City Jump & Jab

Minna Lessig --
  Emergency Workout
  Fat Eliminator
  Strength & Grace *

Rob Glick--
  CIA 2302 Amazing Step Styles ***
  Hi/Lo Fusion
  Cardio, Core, & Calm
  Bosu Cardio Fusion

Kimberly Spreen--
  CIA 2505 Kickbox Bootcamp
  Box 'n' Flow
  WHFN (Women's Health & Fitness Network) Push/Pull
  WHFN Fast Cheetah (with Heidi Tanner) *

WHFN -- (other than Kimberly Spreen's listed above)
WHFN Fitprime FlexPosture (Tamela Hastie) *
WHFN Crunch Time (Tamela Hastie) *
WHFN Floor Burn (Tamela Hastie) *
WHFN Steamin Cardio (Heidi Tanner)
WHFN Strong Bear (Keli Roberts)

The FIRM --
  Vol. 1 Body Sculpting Basics (Susan Harris) *
  Vol. 2 Low Impact Aerobics (Janet Jones-Gretzky) *
  Vol. 3 Aerobic Interval Training (Sandahl Bergman)
  Vol. 4 Time Crunch Workout (Susan Harris/Kai Soremekun) **
  Vol. 5 Abs, Hips, & Thighs (La Reine Chabut) **
  Vol. 6 Complete Aerobic Weight Training (Jayne Poteet) ***
  Firm Basics: Abs, Buns & Thighs (Stacy Milner-Collins) *
  Firm Basics: Fat Burning (Stacy Milner Collins & Jen Carmen) **
  Firm Basics: Sculpting w/Weights (Tracie Long) ***
  Cardio Burn (Tamela Hastie) **
  Power Cardio (Dale Brabham) ***
  Cardio Split 1 (various) ***
  Cross Trainers -- Tortoise (Tracie Long) **
  Cross Trainers -- Hare (Tracie Long) *
  Cross Trainers -- Firm Strength (Pam Cauthen) **
  Cross Trainers -- Firm Cardio (Heidi Tanner) **
  Total Body Shaping Mix (various) ***
  FIRM Parts 5 Day Abs *
  FIRM Parts More 5 Day Abs *
  FIRM Parts Boot Camp *
  FIRM Parts Cardio Step Mix *
  FIRM Parts Upper Body *
  FIRM Parts Standing Legs ***
  FIRM Parts Floor Legs *
  FIRM Parts Lower Body Split
  FIRM Parts Upper Body Split
  FIRM Parts Tough Cardio Mix *
  FIRM Parts Tough Aerobic Mix *
  FIRM Parts Tough Tape (Tracie Long) ***
  FIRM Parts Tough Tape II *FIRM Parts Not So Tough Aerobic Mix ***
  FIRM Parts Sculpted Buns & Thighs (Tracie Long) **
  Prime Power Fat Burning (Stacy Milner Collins)
  Prime Power Lower Body (Stacy Milner Collins)
  Super Cardio ***
  Super Sculpt
  Tri-Trainers Fat Blaster (Ali Del Rio) ***
  Tri-Trainers Maximum Body Sculpting (Tracie Long) ***
  Tri-Trainers Better Body & Buns **
  Maximum Cardio (Carissa Foster) ***
  Body Sculpting System 1 (BSS1) -- Ab Sculpt (LIsa Kay)
  BSS1 Body Sculpt (Jen Carmen) **
  BSS1 Cardio Sculpt (Ali Del Rio) *
  BSS2 Complete Aerobics & Weight Training (Emily Welsh) **
  BSS2 Maximum Cardio Burn (Ali Del Rio) **
  BSS2 Total Sculpt + Abs (Jen Carmen) *
  BSS2 Calorie Killer (Nancy Tucker) *
  BSS2 Upper Body Sculpt (Janet Brooks)
  BSS3 Fat Blasting Cardio (Lisa Kay)
  BSS3 Total Muscle Shaping (Stephanie Huckabee)
  BSS3 Complete Body Sculpting (Christa Riley) *
  BSS3 Express Total Body Shaping (Pam Cauthen Meriwether)
  Firm 6 Pack -- Body Sculpt Blaster (Nancy Tucker) *
  Cardio Sculpt Blaster (Lisa Kay) *
  Lower Body Sculpt (Libby Heath)
  Super Body Sculpt (Stephanie Huckabee)
  Super Cardio Sculpt (Nancy Tucker) *
  Firm Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn (Allison Davis)*

  Core First (Carissa Foster) **
  Crunch Time (Susan Harris) *
  Fast Cheetah (Tracie Long)
  Floor Burn (Susan Harris) *
  From the Ground Up (Heidi Tanner)
  G-Force (Tracie Long) ***
  Steamin Cardio (Kelsie Daniels) *
  Strong Bear (Tracie Long) *
  Up and Down (Jeanne Ann Copleston) *
  Weights First (Tracie Long) **

Tracie Long Training
  TLT Better Burn Better Buns (Tracie Long) *
  TLT Endurance for Movement (Tracie Long) *
  TLT Finding Your Core (Susan Harris) *
  TLT Strengthen In Movement (Jen Carmen) *
  TLP Core Foundations (Jeanne Ann Copleston) ***
  TLP Dynamic Strength & Power (Cindy Thorp) *
  TLP Functional Strength (Bonnie Geer) ***
  TLP Functional Foundations - Core Cardio *
  TLP Functional Foundations - Core Strength ***
  TLP Nitty Gritty & the Whole Shebang *
  TLT Longevity -- Back Up*
  TLT Longevity -- Staying Power
  TLT Longevity -- Defining Shape**
  TLT Longevity -- Step Forward *

Kelly Coffey-Meyer -- 30 Minutes to Fitness
  Body Shop ***
  Split Sessions **
  Muscle Definition **
  Circuit Burn ***
  TLC (Training Like a Contender) ***
  Cardio Blast **
  Kickboxing ***
  Body Training *** 
  LIFT *** (the Power Sculpting section is my favorite)
  Your Healthy Back <>

Keli Roberts
  CIA 2303 Step It Strong **
  Quick Fix Stability Ball **
  A.S.A.P. (Abs Spine and Posture)*

Leslie Sansone

  1-2-3 Mile Walk
  Fast & Firm
  Fast Start
  4 Fast Miles *
  4 Really Big Miles **
  3 Fast Miles*

Janis Saffel
  CIA 9907 Kick-It
  Ringside Kick-It
  Quick Fix Total Cardio Kick *
  Hardcore Kickbox Circuit (w/Guiellermo Gomez) *

Guiellermo Gomez -- Kickbox Underground **
Kendall Hogan -- Crunch Fat Blaster -- The Next Step
Joyce Vedral -- Fast Forward Series 1-3 *   
Amy Bento -- Kickbox Extreme **
Gay Gasper -- Step-n-Stones
Kristin Kagen -- Step This Way
Wendilee Lassiter -- One of her weight lifting dvds
Madeliene Lewis -- Buns of Steel Pregnancy Workout *
Silk Manning -- Aero Pump/Kick ***
Seasun Zieger -- CIA 2304 Rock Steady Step
Donna Read -- CIA 9903 Bootcamp plus Step & Stretch
Corey Everson -- Step N Time
Jane Fonda -- Complete Workout
Christi Taylor -- Step Heaven
Trish Muse -- Body Management *
Suzanne Deason -- Living Arts Balance Ball Lower Body/Upper Body/Abs
Cardio Coach -- Sean O'Malley (audio CDs -- volumes 3-7) ***
Cardiolates (Rebounding part) -- Katherine & Kimberly Corp **
Patricia Moreno  -- Kickbox  Crosstrain (Gaiam)

Time to tally them up! (Drum roll.....................)

359 cardio/weights + 114 yoga/stretch + 62 Pilates = 535 . . . WOW!

(List is updated as of August 29, 2013)

Count yours up and let me know how many you've done!  Even if it's just a handful, that's great, too!

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