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My blog is a conversation between me and you -- as if you had come to my house and plopped yourself onto my couch to talk about food and fitness and anything else somewhat related.

We might get up from the couch and wander into the kitchen to whip up a yummy green smoothie!  Or I'll crack open a baby coconut as I explain why I stopped making Rice Krispie treats for every food gathering and switched to food that was actually helpful to my body.

I'd walk you down my hallway, show you my new (well, Craigslist "new") spin bike, then we'd go upstairs to see all my fitness DVDs and all my gym equipment which somehow has a place in my bedroom.   You could sit in the comfy chair and I'd lie on the floor while we talked for hours more about what works best to keep our bodies healthy.

Food + Fitness = Joy in my life when I make wise choices and listen to my body.  It also brings me joy to talk about it with my friends.  This blog is for anyone else who likes to talk about how to eat healthier and great ways to stay fit (or get fit!)

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