Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cathe's Top Notch Spin DVDs

Pedal Power -- Cathe's latest spin workout

Cathe Friedrich has 3 spin dvds to date -- Cycle Max, Xtrain Ride, and Pedal Power.  All are 5 star advanced spin workouts!   If you have your own spin bike and can't get to a gym to spin, I highly recommend these.  I started spinning last year when I was preparing to go to Cathe's annual Road Trip in New Jersey.  I heard that there was a spin class on the schedule and decided to prepare for it.
I did a little research on what was important in a spin bike and found that a heavy weighted fly wheel is essential -- and the recommendation was to find one with at least a 40 pound flywheel.   I looked at several sold on Amazon, reading the reviews and getting recommendations from friends.  And I found that many fitness clubs used the Star Trac V Bike or Star Trac Spinners.  After looking around on Craiglist for about a week, I found a used Star Trac V Bike not far from my home for about 1/3 the price of a new one that had been used by a personal trainer (he had 3 for sale) with new pedals, seat, and grip bar.  I absolutely love it!

Cathe and her crew in Cycle Max -- many of the cast 
are my new friends from last summer's Road Trip!
Cathe & her Cycle Max crew after rehearsal

Cathe has all 3 of her spin workouts as the Deal of the Day on her website right now right here for under $40.  You can also purchase them individually from her website or at for $19.95 with free shipping.  You can use a 10% coupon code (VF10), but then the total falls below the free shipping minimum.  But if you're buying more than one dvd, try it out.  Same goes for , only that coupon code is 10off.  All 3 websites have video clips, which I love getting to see before purchasing a workout.

I love all 3, but if I were going to choose one to start with, I'd chose Ride from the Xtrain series.  The music is great, so have your spin bike where you can blast the stereo.  And prepare to sweat!

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