Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pizza is no longer a threat!

Costco pizza is one of my weaknesses.  Any pizza probably is.  However, the smell and sauce from Costco pizza can send my eating goals into a tizzy.  And it HAS too many times to count.  But not tonight.  And hopefully not ever again.

Tonight was my son's 17th birthday celebration.  He chose Costco pizza (and I had a few Freschetta's in the oven).  Somehow I started re-evaluating my raw eating when I started seeing that melting cheese and could smell it baking in the oven.  And when we opened the Costco pizza box, I wondered how much my eating goals meant to me.

juice photo by brianc

Usually, I'd evaluate and re-evaluate, battling within.  But tonight, I decided to be proactive.  I decided to juice.  While the aromas were filling the air and a few guests had still not arrived, I decided to prep my apples, cucumber, lemon, celery and greens.  Then into the chute they went and out came my heavenly juice.

I was instantly satisfied and didn't visit the need to eat any pizza again -- not even when I cleaned it up!  Amazing!

Three cheers for juicing!

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