Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Legs & Glutes -- Work, work!

If you're looking for a great lower body workout, Cathe Friedrich's Legs and Glutes is pretty fantastic.  As the credits rolled at the end of my workout this morning, I saw that this video was made in 2003 -- it's 10 years old!  Yet it looks like a workout that could be produced today - - standard lunges, squats and leg presses as well as innovative twists on lower body movements and plenty of standing and floor work with ankle weights for the last 1/3.   It's a 5 star workout on and has another workout on the dvd (Kick Punch & Crunch).

Like most of Cathe's workouts, there are plenty of pre-mixes.  Some of the pre-mixes are shorter timesavers, others are made to be a greater challenge.  When Cathe has more than one workout on a dvd like this one, she even has pre-mixes that combine both workouts.  My favorite of the combo pre-mixes is the Kick/Punch Combos plus Standing Leg work.  You get leg presses in between every kickboxing combo and it's tough!

Here's a sneak peak at this great workout.  I did it this morning and I'm sure I'll be sore in the morning!  By the way, it was another great day of sticking to my eating goals.  Yay for that!  TTFN!

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