Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jumping over Hurdles

Today was my second day of recommitting to my healthy eating goals and I'm happy to say that I jumped over every hurdle that came my way!   I slept in (no school this week since it's Spring Break) and I always have a harder time doing my workouts when I don't get up early.  But I gave myself no slack and got up anyway!  I did Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit, which just about killed me since I haven't done any cardio in over a week.  But I had my rebounder handy and was able to sub some rebounding here and there when my heart rate got up a bit too high.  And this HiiT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) is a bit more manageable since it has core circuits in between the cardio blasts. 

The next hurdle came when I kept seeing the Easter candy that my kids haven't eaten yet.  I even had 1/3 of a bag of Cadbury eggs left that never even made it into an Easter basket.  So I just tossed those.   They do the trash can better than they do any of us.  I took the rest of the candy and put it in a drawer so I wouldn't have to keep seeing it. It may end up in the trash can tomorrow.

At dinner time, my family had taquitos, guacamole, and fresh salsa.  I really love guacamole and realized that it fits into a raw food diet just fine.  But I didn't have any dehydrated crackers or carrots to eat it with.  I came pretty close to justifying just a few tortilla chips, but I knew that just a few would turn into way too many and I didn't want to veer from the raw eating anyway.  But that guacamole kept calling my name!

Then I remembered I had some huge green chard leaves in the top of my fridge.  So I decided to try a guacamole and salsa wrap with a big leaf.  I spread out the guacamole, added some salsa and wrapped it up like a burrito.  I thought of running back to the fridge to cut up some fresh tomatoes, but didn't want to interrupt the flow of dinnertime with my family.  Plus, I was pretty anxious to eat some of the avocados.  Oh, was it yummy!  Super super yummy!  This will definitely be a staple for me in the future.  I can see all the veggie wrap possibilities with either guacamole or raw pesto as the base.  Yum!

I also saw a loaf of homemade wheat bread that I'd made the day before.  Usually that would sink my progress, I'd tell myself that I had to eat some and would stop once it was gone, but I know it would just make me want to eat more starchy foods.  So I sliced it up onto the bread board so my kids would see it as a snack and they ate it all before I came into the kitchen the next time.  I big "phew!" there!

So day 2 down -- probably another 50 or so days left until I get back to my usual weight -- but that's okay.  I have plenty of other reasons for eating raw and that is only one of them.  The other results will come sooner and I can be patient with my weight.  Besides, the alternative is to just stay this size or get bigger!   I am fine with trickle down weight loss if that's what it takes.  And I want my body to be healthy on the inside and out.  TTFN!

Guacamole photo by borman818 on flickr creative commons


  1. Very smart! Lettuce and greens are great substitutes for tortillas and flatbreads. I started using lettuce last summer in the recipes I'd normally serve with flatbread or naan and it works really well. Must try chard!

  2. Yes! It's such a great alternative to bread because bread usually triggers my hunger and greens just fill me up! (Plus the nutrient density is at the top of the list with dark leafy greens!)