Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Very little hunger

Today as I was loading my groceries into the back of the car from Trader Joe's, I perused the tops of the bags to see what I'd like to snack on as I drove out of the parking lot (yes, big time grazers find opportunities to eat all day long).  A funny thing occurred.  I felt no hunger.  I felt no drive to eat any of the fine food placed before me.  I even tried to talk myself into an organic pink lady apple since I haven't had one of those in probably a month.  But I wasn't hungry.  Did you hear that?  I wasn't hungry!

What might the culprit be?  Why wasn't I hungry?  I thought about it for a minute and it's my raw eating.  I'm back to eating raw and I really don't need to eat as often as I usually do.  I'm pretty content most of the time.  I really only eat when it's "meal time" or when I'm going away from the house and want to make sure I don't get hungry later.  How wonderful is that?

Raw eating has so many benefits.  Low hunger is just one of them.  TTFN!

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