Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the fence about a dehydrator?

I was just placing sliced fruit on my dehydrator trays this morning and was thinking how happy I am that I invested in my dehydrator however many years ago it was that I started learning about eating raw.  (I remember it was the day after Halloween, I'm thinking it was about 5 years ago, in 2005).  The first question I had for my friend when she was exploring raw eating was "How do you eat bread?"  quickly followed by "What about crackers?"

She started telling me about dehydrating crackers and it sounded like a foreign language to me.  Eventually I researched it myself and bought my own Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator.  I posted about dehydrating fruit and fruit leather a while back and have posted my favorite raw cracker recipes.  My dehydrator cost about $400, but I've used it over and over (and it has survived 2 moves!) and it has helped me be able to eat raw & living foods in my normal life and while traveling.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to go on a 3 day pioneer handcart.  I went on a similar trek (4 days though) five years ago.  I brought my own raw foods then and am doing the same on this trip.  When I'm walking that much, I need to be in control of my health.  I can't be that far away from home and have problems with my allergies, asthma or incontinence.  So my dehydrator has been priceless for me over the years.  When I hear that fan going and smell the food on the racks, I just inhale and smile.  I don't dehydrate every week (although sometimes I get on a dehydrating kick and dehydrate 3 or 4 times that week).  I'd say it's more like monthly, but when I do, I love it and it brings back memories to when I first started eating raw and reminds me of how great I feel when I eat this way.

Back to the fruit leather, I decided to try making fruit leather today with kale in it -- similar to how I would make a green smoothie, only dry it out.  HOPEFULLY, it will taste good because I'm sure I could use the greens on the trek.  It's still dehydrating, so we shall see!

I need to run and make some fudge balls before it gets too late.  I'm hoping they will be alright without refrigeration.  Even if I just bring enough for the first day, they'll be nice to have along for the trail tomorrow.

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