Monday, July 11, 2011

Keeping your eye on the target.

Oh my goodness!  It's been almost 2 months since I've written.  I won't even bore you with the excuses, but I'm back and am hoping I can get back at this like I loved doing before.

I've decided that with my eating (isn't it always about my eating?), I can't take my eye off the target for even a second.  No, not even a second.  Yogis call it being present.  I guess the opposite would be what children on bicycles call coasting.  I used to be able to stop and coast a bit with my eating, but I need to face the facts that it's been over ten years since that's been the case.  Whenever I forget about my goals and motivation for healthy eating, I slide into mindless eating and snacking and gain weight.  This just happened on our trip to San Diego.  I gained 4 pounds that didn't just slip back off as soon as it came.  It's here to stay unless I do something about it.  This wouldn't be that big of a deal if I weren't 10 pounds up from last December (yes, pre-Christmas -- Christmas always trips me up).

Thus I will keep my brain mindful of the intentions of my heart and body, which are to shed myself of not only unwanted pounds, but unwanted health issues.  The health issues melt away even faster than the pounds do when I'm eating yummy whole foods.  I actually ate pretty well on our San Diego trip -- well, maybe that's not true.  I'm remembering quite a bit of snacking in the car both ways.  I just can't pretend for just a day or two that what I eat won't matter to my body.  It always does. 

I'm not complaining.  I'm grateful to at least come to these points of awareness often enough to make a positive difference in my life.  And I'm glad to have so much good information at my fingertips and fresh foods nearby for me to eat.  I've started another Cathe fitness rotation too.  I'm doing her Cross Train Xpress series this week to get me going.  I'll review them later this week so you can see what they're all about. 

Until then, repeat after me, "If you keep your eye on the target, you have a MUCH better chance of hitting it."    TTFN!

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