Sunday, February 27, 2011

More from Mr. Mnmlst

Every once in awhile I go read a bit from the mnmlst blog.  A few posts ago, he wrote the following:

"Fear stops us from being minimalists.
Why do we keep things even if we don’t need or use them? Because we’re afraid we might. Afraid of what could happen if we get rid of those things."

This is so true in my life.  I find myself haunted by "what if?" thoughts as I weed through our stuff.  I remember the conversations with my daughters about how upsetting it was to them when I threw out this or that.  I think of my boys saying, "What?  You threw that out?" or them asking ,many times, "Do you know where ____ is?" after I've already determined we don't need it and have given it to the thrift store.

So I often hold off on getting rid of things we don't need just to avoid that conflict or just in case we do need it someday.  Many times these fears are completely rooted within though -- it's MY fear of missing it or MY fear of needing it later.

I really do weed through our stuff often and purge weekly, but it's never enough.  We still have too much.

As I re-read the mnmilst words, I tried to apply them to my thoughts -- those thoughts that don't serve me well.  I don't need them and even though I do routinely think them, so I can't say I don't use them, I don't find them useful.  These are the thoughts that interfere with my goals.  They are the thoughts that sabotage my dreams and ideas for what I'd love to do or become, but I'm not sure how to get rid of the thoughts or patterns in my life that get in the way.   I guess recognition is a start.  I'll see if I can get beyond that starting block and just start running with it.

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