Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being in tune with my body's needs

One thing I love about eating the most healthy foods (besides not being sluggish in the morning nor requiring much sleep) is I feel so much more in tune with my body's needs.  I have a better understanding of what my body is signaling throughout the day.  I feel thirsty far more often and absolutely love drinking water.  It's as rewarding if not more than any food I could possibly eat.  I don't crave sugar or other processed foods but savor the taste of the pure real foods that I eat.  I even want to spend more time outside enjoying nature than I do inside the house, as usual. 

On the flip side, if I'm eating foods that aren't good for my body, I don't think about drinking water much, wish I could keep sleeping and sleeping when it's time to get up, crave foods that I shouldn't be eating in the first place, and even when I do eat them, don't feel satisfied -- I just want more, more, more!

I'm thinking I like being in tune with my body better than being oblivious.  It's like the oblivion feeds shots in the dark to what might make my body feel better, but it just opens up the way for more cravings and confusion to my body's signals.

What's the best way to get in tune with your body's needs?  Try fasting.  Even just fasting for a few meals can help cleanse your body and help you see that you want and need water more than you desire or need any foods.  Then once you do eat again, start with raw fruits that are easy to digest and you'll notice and enjoy the flavors more than usual.  Take time to prepare foods from there on that are nutritionally dense.  Enjoy those foods and start to feel the benefits of eating healthy foods.  I hear so often a negative reaction to eating healthy -- like people are afraid that they will feel deprived or won't enjoy what they eat.  Nonsense!  We're just so patterned to eat unreal foods that our bodies don't know what's good for it or what can be pleasurable.

You'll also have more energy to move and increase your pace in life whether it be in your exercise regime or your need for rest and sleep.  Being in tune with your body's needs is the way we're designed to be -- to increase our life span and to help us be the most productive we can be in life.  Cheers!

photo by iglooo101

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