Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frozen Grapes

Perhaps you already know about this treasure of a treat, but I'll share just in case you didn't (or you've forgotten somehow).  Freeze your grapes!  I've frozen a few varieties and think freezing  the green ones (Thompson Seedless -- does anyone call them that anymore?) is the best.

Makes sure you wash them and remove them from the stem first.  You can freeze them on the stem, but they don't break off as easily once frozen.  So it's just easier to do it before.  Also, if they're a little too tart, let them sit out a bit so they ripen up before you freeze them.  They'll taste better.

I like freezing some before I go to bed (but forgot last night -- how could I?) because they are sooooooooo refreshing to my throat first thing in the morning and give me a little boost to my workout.  I have some freezing right now.  Can't wait till they're ready!

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