Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minimalists Unite!

I attended a workshop on organization at the Holistic LDS Conference in Salt Lake City (well, actually South Jordan), Utah in June.  It was the last class I'd signed up for and I kept looking at my schedule during the previous workshops, wondering if I should switch last minute and take another class on eating or herbs.  I knew about organization, even though I'm not always up on it

The class description was this: 

Simple Freedom 

All the STUFF that is constantly moving in and out of our lives can either create contentment or contention. Learn how to simplify the clutter in your physical space and your mind so you have room to create the life you truly desire.  (Presenter -- Lara Gallagher)

I decided to just go and see what I thought.  Simplifying and reducing is one of my mantras, so I wanted to see her take on it.  I'm glad I did.  Lara calls herself a minimalist.  She said that the goal is to live as if she is in poverty, but not to live in poverty.  So she lives with as little as possible to keep her life simple and free.  I like that as she gets rid of things, she also strives to get rid of the storage containers they come in.  I've been doing that a bit too -- why do I need so many containers or shelves if I manage to get rid of what goes on or in them?

Lara has recently decided to minimize her computer time and stop blogging, but she has plenty of articles that she's already written that I plan to read through and learn from.  I particularly like this one about Simple Meals.   My approach to simple meals these past few years has been just to forget about having meal time all together.  I rarely make dinner for our family.  If we do, it's just baked potatoes or cut up fruit or something.  But Lara's ideas seem to teach her children more variety and gives them more nutrients (as well as more time at the table together).  She defines their eating ways as Flexi-Vegan, which is vegan most of the time.  I've never heard of that term before, but that pretty much typifies me and most of my family too.  (Still have a few die-hard milk drinkers).

Lara's main page for her blog is here -- The Lazy Organizer


P.S. (I found a picture to post that says "Minimalist" and it was really quite cute, but in the effort to minimize, I decided to just do without a picture this time.  Ta da!)  


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  2. Hi Renee! I am hardly a minimalist, but I am a fan of de-cluttering. Have you heard of the book Throw Out 50 Things? It has been sitting on my shelf for awhile now waiting for me to review it--I will try to report back once I do! :)

  3. No, I haven't heard of that book, but I'm sure I'd feel good reading it this week. I've been throwing out at least 50 things a day, going through books, cupboards, etc. Lots of trips to the thrift store!