Friday, May 21, 2010

The only sure-fire allergy relief

I've written a few posts on allergy relief -- bee pollen, salt-water rinses with the neti-pot, herbs that help block those histamines, but I've got to tell you that if your allergies are KILLING you, that may not be enough.  (And I hope you know that "killing" doesn't actually mean killing, it just means that you FEEL like you're about to die -- you know that awful, miserable feeling.  Just had to state that for someone who might take me literally).

For the past few weeks, the pollen count has climbed to the levels of dusting our cars with that beautiful soft yellow.  The sunshine was no longer pleasant and nights were impossible to sleep through -- filled with misery and a determination to do whatever it took to stop the symptoms.  I tried everything that I'd done before, hoping that one or two or all 12 would work.  But none of them were enough.  Deep down in my brain, I knew I had to get back to eating all raw.  I was doing it last month as soon as my allergy symptoms hit and they went away.  But could it be that easy?  I knew it could.  I just didn't want to give up those rice chips or that homemade bread.

I hit a point last Sunday night where I was at the depths of my allergy suffering capacity and I knew that there wasn't a single morsel of food on this planet that was worth eating for the way I felt at that moment.  Nothing!  I could live without that homemade bread.  I could go without ever tasting another rice chip again.  Nothing was worth that suffering.  So the next morning, instead of cleansing for a few hours, feeling a bit better and thinking "Oh yeah, I can go back to eating that again," I remembered.  And I kept eating raw.

That night was completely different than all the nights the week before.  My eyes weren't begging to be clawed out.  My nose wasn't itching, burning or pulsating.  I wasn't sneezing so loudly that my husband wondered what kind of woman he'd married.  (When I sneeze, I s- nEEEEEZE!)  I slept in complete comfort and peace.  I have all week long.

If your allergies are killing you and you haven't tried eating all raw foods, give it a try.  Write me and ask for help if you need it.  Look online at all the recipes and ideas to get started.  Spring is a perfect time to start because there are so many yummy fruits and veggies available.  Don't worry about eating too many raw nuts either.  Just eat some when you want some and you'll be fine.  I've never gained weight eating nuts on a raw diet.  Most of the time I lose when I eat a lot.  I think it helps clean out my system.  (How's that for a scientifically validated statement?  :))

Here are some Raw Food websites if you want to check them out.  I started out learning from Alissa Cohen. She has a great book called Living on Life Food and a dvd set demonstrating many of her recipes, which is a lot of fun to watch.  Here's a quick sample.

Here are some other Raw Food websites if you want to check them out   The Best of Raw Food Raw Food Life , Living Foods , and for great recipes Gone Raw .


  1. Have you tried nettles leaf? The freeze dried is supposed to be better, but I just used what I found at the health food store. Take 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day and it works great! Also, sugar makes alot of mucous in the body. Best to avoid that too! Also, if your liver is congested your allergies will be so much worse! P.S. Melissa V. sent me to your site.

  2. Yes, I use a freeze-dried Nettle capsule sometimes when my allergies are bugging me. I used it a lot when I was pregnant and couldn't take antihistimines (and wasn't eating as healthy -- so I needed it around the clock). Great stuff!