Friday, May 28, 2010

Kentucky Fried Chicken Memories

I still have a hard time saying "KFC."  When I was growing up, everyone just said the whole thing, Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I grew up loving that chicken.  We didn't have one in our town, but when we went on trips, I loved getting that big bucket of chicken.  And I loved eating the batter on the skin.  I had no desire to try the extra crispy (too dry) or BBQ (ick!) when they came out, I just wanted the original recipe.

Fast forward 20 or so years and I don't eat the chicken anymore nor do I miss it.  BUT I found a very similar taste to the Colonel's secret recipe in the Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Kettle Chips.  I try not to buy Kettle Chips very often because it's easy to convince myself that the the 5 oz bag is just 1 serving size instead of 5!  But every once in awhile when I desire something fast-food-ish (especially when traveling), I go for these Kettle Chips.  I think back to those Kentucky Fried summer picnics and smile just a bit.  Try it and see if you see the connection.

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