Sunday, April 4, 2010

So glad to be done with the Standard American Diet (SAD)

After a traditional holiday Standard American Diet (SAD) dinner, I've got to say that I'm so glad I don't eat that way all the time anymore.   I ate some foods (and really not many -- just took about 1/2 of what was offered) today with my husband's family for our big Easter dinner and afterward just felt horrible.  It started with extreme fatigue and a headache, followed by a stuffy nose and burning, pulsating eyes and extreme sneezing (there was milk in the potatoes). With all that, I didn't have a bit of problem resisting the dessert.  I just took a little nap on the couch while everyone visited, then I scolded myself for eating what I had.  I guess I think myself invincible at times and forget that my body won't always feel great regardless of what I eat.  (Like I don't know this!)  Times like these make me appreciate the changes I've made in my eating over the past several years.  I'm so glad that I can eat good wholesome food throughout the day and feel energized and allergy-free.

So what's the next holiday hurdle?  Maybe the 4th of July?  I'm sure I can handle that one.  Just give me a plate of fresh fruit salad and I'll be fine!  Good bye SAD!

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