Sunday, April 25, 2010

Setting Goals With Real Intent

Last Sunday night, I was contemplating my goals of healthy eating and how I just wasn't quite reaching them.  I was close, but not close enough.  I came across a scripture I've read before at church with this phrase:

          "except he shall do it with real intent, it profiteth him nothing"

This passage jumped out at me and made me think.  Was I setting my goals with real intent?  Was I really planning to succeed?  Was I planning to carry it through to the end?  Or was I just dabbling in it a bit?  I was definitely dabbling.

So I vowed to myself to remember these 3 words the next day -- "with real intent."  When I woke up the next morning and started thinking I needed to eat bread and all the other foods that cause me problems, I'd just remember that I was pursuing my goals with real intent.  And I did.  I did this on Monday and Tuesday, all the way through the week back to today -- Sunday.  One whole week of sticking with my healthy eating goals with real intent!  It's so nice to be in control again! 

I'm so excited with my success because I've been trying to stick with my eating goals for about a year now -- making my behavior match what I know inside is the best way for me to eat.  I was eating well quite consistently up until about a year ago.  When we listed our house for sale and life got a little crazier from the house showings to packing to moving, unpacking, and getting settled in a new surrounding, I just never got my control back.  I missed that.  I had it in spurts and I had it most of each day, but it was never enough.  Living my life with real intent all day long is such a great way to live.  It profiteth me big time!

I'm going to remember living with real intent as I work in other areas of my life, too.  When I get an idea or plan, I'm going to take it to the end, not just dabble and eventually watch it escape my grasp.

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  1. Mornoni. Thanks for this! It's what I needed this morning!