Monday, February 15, 2010

Cathe's Success Story Blog

Maybe I haven't written enough about Cathe Friedrich to convince you to try her workouts, but this just may inspire you. Cathe has a section of her blog for success stories. She posts a new success story every week and they are all wonderful. They aren't like all the fitness infomercials you see on TV. These tell the stories of women (so far I haven't seen one by a man, but there may be one) who have overcome much in their lives besides excess weight.

Go see for yourself when you have a little time. This last one by Carol Knizek is especially great because she's discovered what eating whole foods can do for her health in fighting breast cancer.

Click here -- Cathe's Success Story Spotlight

Also, here's a video clip from the Body Blast series (one of my favorites). It shows a little of each of those workouts and a bit more of Legs & Glutes (which I did just last week - - love it!)

Click here to visit Cathe dot Com.

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