Saturday, September 26, 2009

Overcoming temptation by thinking twice -- my first little trial on my 90@90% challenge

I went shopping today with my youngest 2 children (after taking them to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" -- very cute movie -- not many whole foods falling from the sky, however :)). Anyway, I told them they could each pick out a treat at the health food store. My daughter chose one of my favorite "health food" goodies -- Paul Newman's (or is it Newman's Own?) Double Chocolate Mint Chip cookies. Now I've been known to eat a whole bag just on the way home from the store before. Sometimes I have enough sense to stop part way and roll that bag down with the little sticker that comes with it (like I need it to keep them fresh because I eat them up so fast), but I always finish them up later that day. So it's all the same.

Well, I've taught my daughters that this is a super tasty treat too, so this was her choice. And she said, "I'll share with you, mom. We can eat them together." Not only have I taught her to eat them, but to add a nice memory to them -- togetherness with mom. So while I was processing all that, I was thinking, "Do I turn her down or just have a few as my 10%?" At first I went with, "Well, I won't be able to eat too many" (like that would hurt her feelings), but as I perused the aisles, I knew that wasn't a good choice. If I have 10% cooked, it should still be whole foods or something pretty close. So I told her that I shouldn't be eating any of them since I'm mainly eating raw foods. She was fine with that and I felt a big relief. I knew I couldn't trust myself to eat "just a few" and didn't want to see what that may snowball into. I didn't want cravings for them later either. I truly wasn't craving them then. I was just thinking it would be fun to eat them WITH her.

I ate a Cameo apple on the way home and it was absolutely delicious. That was my treat, it filled me up, and I enjoyed every single bite. I love it when I overcome temptation, even if it's slight. So many times I've done the opposite and have fallen from achieving my goals.

My husband has taught our children a little method of "thinking twice" whenever they want to do something wrong. He talked about how thoughts can just pop in your head and you have the choice of either acting on them, or thinking twice and creating a new thought to replace the old one. I guess that's what I did today -- I started with fearing I'd offend my daughter or miss out on a sharing moment if I didn't eat those cookies. But I replaced that thought with the realization that this wouldn't be good for my progress and that she would be just fine without me eating the cookies. My second thought won. Sometimes I baby my first thoughts because I want them to win so much. But deep down, I know there is room for a better thought. I'm glad I did that today. Onward and upward with my 90 days raw @ 90%!

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