Sunday, September 27, 2009


No, this isn't some profound discussion on how people tend to label others (although that might be a good thought to explore later on). I'm just excited because I've finally found a way to help you find things easier on my blog. I knew there must be a way, that Blogger wouldn't leave us stranded like that.

Look to the right of my blog page and you'll see a little area that says "Labels" and it lists how many posts have that label next to it. Just click on any label you're interested in and it will show you all the posts under that heading.

I wish it gave a mini-directory of them so you wouldn't have to sort through the ones with many, but at least this will help a bit. Those who are new to my blog can start where they are interested and read a variety of posts on the subject, whether it be video fitness, healthy eating, or looking for a few good raw or whole wheat recipes.

There's still the archive that's listed chronologically if you just want to see all the titles, but that can be cumbersome to click on each month individually now that I've been writing for awhile. It's still a resource though, so that's nice. I'll get some more recipes on here to share now that I know you can find them more easily. TTFN!

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