Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Loving Attitude

I don't know that much about Gabriel Cousens, but I know he's a raw foodist who is well respected in the raw food community. He has a Rejuvenation Center in Pategonia, Arizona called Tree of Life where he leads workshops and spiritual retreats to help people on their path of healthy living. He's also written a few books and has produced a few dvds about live food cuisine.

I just read this quote from him in an article about the much-talked-about swine flu:

"The previous protocol for protecting against the viral flu that the Tree of Life has put out in the past is very effective against this human bird swine flu and for protecting the immune system combined with adequate sleep, live food, good hydration, and a loving attitude. This protocol applies to building the immune system against all flus."

I like this. I've been thinking similar thoughts about how I can avoid catching impending viruses or bacteria through healthy eating and adequate rest. I'm usually well hydrated, so I don't even think about that. But I didn't ponder the fact that a loving attitude could contribute to a strong immune system too. I've recognized that stress and worry can weaken my immune system, but haven't seen the reverse, that a proactive loving attitude could be strengthening to my health. I know that it contributes to my happiness and the happiness of those around me, so I usually have a positive, loving attitude anyway. It's an added bonus to know my loving attitude can also keep me strong and healthy. What a wonderful thought.

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