Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In and Out

I've been out for 10 days during the Easter break. Well, it's a few days after being back now, but I'm playing catch-up with laundry and all. I'm anxious to start writing again. I can't really focus well enough to write tonight -- everyone's home, the younger boys are playing with an old Happy Birthday helium balloon, my daughters are singing and talking to a friend, my husband is outside working on an old car he just bought to restore. I still have a ton of clothes to fold. And most importantly, American Idol is about to start any minute (glad I've got my priorities straight there :)). I just wanted to get on and write just enough to get my brain back into the mode of realizing I do indeed have a blog that I want to write on tomorrow.

By the way, the picture above is from our trip to Southern CA last week. We stopped at In-n-Out, as usual. It used to be a big ritual for our family, from the time my husband and I were first married. We'd always find an In-n-Out along the way, even back when there were very few. When I cut back heavily on animal products, I always proclaimed that In-n-Out hamburgers were a big exception. They were so tasty, I just couldn't resist. But once I got into raw foods and saw how eating meat on the road would just make me feel awful afterward in the car, I started evaluating my need to eat these things. I would feel awful for hours -- I'd taste this rotting taste (not a rotten taste, but truly like it was rotting inside my body and I'd taste it -- blech!) Not worth the few moments of pleasure of eating that truly-best-of-all-hamburgers burger with big fat onions. So here I am in this picture, with my water near my side just fine (talking to someone as always about who knows what). No regrets in the car a few hours later either.

I think tomorrow's topic will be the Neti Pot. Either that or Inhale Yoga (just did that with Steve Ross this morning - - he's amazingly fun). See you tomorrow!

Edited to add 5 months later -- 9/27/09 -- We moved to a city with an In and Out. I've wondered since if the urge to get a hamburger there would ever hit me. My memory is that (like I wrote up above) that they are the best of all hamburgers. Well, in preparation for my 90 days @ 90% raw challenge, I spontaneously decided (while driving near one) to stop at In and Out to get a hamburger. My rationalization was that I would see what I was missing so I wouldn't wonder and get some craving for it that could spoil my 90 day challenge. So I bought one and ate it (with just one half of the bun - - couldn't put that whole thing in my body). And I found that it wasn't nearly as tasty as I used to think it was. It was actually pretty bland. I did remember, however, that for hours afterward, I could taste that meat inside my body. It was not a pleasant taste. Glad I got that out of my system. I can cross it off of my list of foods I once thought were the best.

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