Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grapefruit Simplicity

I never liked grapefruit until maybe 2 years ago. I always thought they were bitter and awful. I couldn't understand why anyone would like them. I saw my grandparents eat them at breakfast time with those pokey grapefruit spoons, the grapefruit cut in 1/2 and sugar sprinkled on top. The sugar didn't help much imho. I liked grapefruit lotion though. The one from Bath & Body works is just wonderful. I had a perfume that I bought in college at Nordstrom that had a grapefruit base -- it was just wonderful. I think I even liked the grapefruit lifesavers (aren't those the clear ones?)

I never liked the actual grapefruit fruit though. Until a few years ago. I was sitting by a friend who was eating grapefruit. She invited me to have some. I told her I didn't like grapefruit. She told me to try it again. I didn't really want to, but I was hungry. So I took a bite. Then I took another bite. Pretty soon, I'd eaten 1/2 of her grapefruit (she had it cut it into small unintimidating portions). Now I love it. I can hardly believe how simple and fulfilling it is -- not just filling, but fulfilling. Yeah, they're pretty big, so they would fill you up, but something about that sharp bite of a taste seems to chase away cravings too.

I have noticed that if I drink water right after eating a grapefruit, I taste more of the bitter that I remember when I was younger. I'm not sure why. So wait on the water if you can.

As for nutrients, grapefruit obviously has lots of vitamin C since it's akin to the orange. You will also get fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B5, potassium, folate (or folic acid) and lycopene in a grapefruit. The lycopene surprised me since usually the cooked tomato gets all the attention in the news for being a great lycopene (cancer fighting antioxidant) source. Here is a World's Healthiest Foods article about what the grapefruit provides. Remember to buy organic if you can. They tend to be much tastier and juicier (as well as healthier).

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  1. I love grapefruit too. Especially pink ones. I peel the grapefruit and then cut it up into pieces too. Trying to eat by cutting them in half and eating them out of the peel is a pain and not worth it in my opinion.