Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jinjee -- Addicted to Discipline

Jinjee is a 41 year old raw food mom who has a website called . I've read her story and love how she is raising her children from the start with healthy eating habits and principles. This photo is of her 10 days after she delivered her 4th baby in 2007. I normally would probably crop the pic to make it more modest and not show so much of her stomach, but I think it's amazing to see how her body reverted to her previous shape so quickly after being so stretched out just weeks before. Her healthy eating sure shows.

A friend of mine gets her e-mail newsletter and shares them from time to time. I really liked this one from a few days ago. I thought I'd post this one since I talk about habits and food addictions from time to time. I'm not sure sometimes where the addiction ends and the patterns and habits begin, but I do know that we get attached to our ways and have a hard time giving them up. Enjoy reading:

The Daily Raw Inspiration - 3/27/09 Addicted To Discipline I have been wondering why we are all so addicted to different foods, even when we get as far as becoming raw vegans; we are addicted to raw cacao, addicted to overeating, addicted to msg. In the store, I was tempted to eat raw cacao, but I didn't. On the way home I felt a bit strange, not having an addiction to satisfy. It felt kind of empty. I am addicted to addictions. What could I replace that feeling with? And then later I felt it - a sense of satisfaction that I had been able to use self-discipline. And then I realized the answer to my question - that discipline is the new satisfaction, replacing the satisfaction of our addictions! Not only is discipline the cure for addiction, it is also the replacement. Not only is it the harsh reality, it is also the soul satisfaction. In Joy! Jinjee

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