Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today's my Grandpa Southwick's birthday. He was born in 1911 on January 11th. 1-11-11. I love that. He died many years ago, but I think of him on every January 11th and think of what it was like to have him in my life and what my life would be like if he'd lived any longer. He died a year before I graduated from college, two years before I met my husband, and five years before I had any children. I imagine he met my children before they came to earth though. He loved children.

My grandpa loved children more than any other grandpa I've seen. He loved to take the little ones up onto his knee, hug them, and kiss their cheeks. He'd look at what they were doing and would comment on how precious they were to everyone else. You always felt loved by grandpa and you always sensed his love for everyone else.

He broke his neck when he was young and suffered head aches when he was older as a result. Severe headaches. Headaches that no doctor or no medication could remedy. But when there was a child in the room, my grandpa would say, "This is the best medicine there is" and would feel relieve and joy from his pain as he beheld his granddaughter or grandson. It makes me think of Jesus gathering the children around him and saying "Behold your little ones." My grandpa loved us that much.

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