Monday, September 29, 2008

Super comfy high-heeled shoes!

I know I'm getting distracted from my talk about food and fitness, but I just have to share how wonderful Born shoes are. I've bought Born shoes in the past, when I've seen them at Ross and they're made well, are comfortable, etc.

It wasn't until I went to L.A. in July (and spent some time with a good friend of mine one evening), that I learned how comfortable their higher heeled shoes are. I complemented my friend on her sandals (that probably had a 3 inch heel). We had kicked off our shoes while we sat on the floor to visit and when she told me "I could wear those all day -- they are so comfortable," I looked to see what kind they were. They were Born shoes.

I like wearing taller shoes from time to time, but rarely find ones I could bare to wear all day long. So I did a little research on what Born had to offer in the way of heels. I went to and picked out maybe 5 pair of shoes to try on. The great thing about Zappos is that they give free shipping both ways, so it's like sending a shoe store to your home. I read reviews as I chose and the Hart shoe repeatedly had raving reports of comfort. After my trying on spree, I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm not sure what it is with these shoes, but they are so comfortable that I don't want to take them off! I usually go bare foot at home, but after wearing my Hart sandals out during the day, I end up leaving them on because they feel so good! My only hesitation is that if I wear them more I will wear them out sooner and now have them as long. But they are THAT comfortable! (And I usually end up telling myself, "Just buy more later -- wear them now!"

I know they're a little pricey, but they may show up at Ross or TJ Maxx sometime. I also found them at in limited sizes. (I've shopped at Overstock for years). There are several pair (new, even) on e-bay too. Wow! I just looked on Amazon and you can get some sizes (even the red ones) for $39.99. They don't have the black or the red in my size (Phew! It's probably a good thing to save me from spending more money!)

After this fun finding, I decided to see if I could find another color on e-bay. I ended up trying out another style because I'd had a similar heel from a pair of Sbicca shoes several years ago and they were also heavenly to wear. It's called Viga and I can't find it retail anywhere, but e-bay still sells them new, so they're probably at stores like Ross somewhere. They're really cute with jeans and skirts and are 2nd on my list of comfort. The only negative to them is that they have elastic right under the buckle, which makes it "give" a bit at first. Once I got used to that (or my foot molded more -- within a few weeks), I didn't notice it as much.

I never did find what I remembered my friend's shoes to look like. I think it may be the Fremont sandal though. Kind of interesting because it's a combination of the two pairs of shoes I bought -- similar to the buckle and criss/cross of the black Vigas and the same heel & sole as the Hart shoes. It looks like they don't make these anymore either (she bought hers at Nordstrom though). But they do show up on e-bay and may be in a store near you! (No, I'm not making any money off of this in any way, but I couldn't resist the proverbial commercial talk there at the end :)). Edited to add another WOW! -- They have these Fremont sandals at for $19.98! You have to wear a size 6, but if you do, what a bargain! There's another shoe site called that has them 1/2 off -- even in this cute orange wash color. If I get any birthday money, maybe I'll pick up a pair of those! seems to have all their shoes close to 1/2 off -- that's wonderful to know! (or is it? :))

Okay, enough shoe talk -- I'll be back to talk more nutrition later on.

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