Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sprouting my way

I can't believe I haven't talked about sprouting yet. I was going to give a friend a link to my "sprouting post" and found there wasn't one. So sorry to have kept that vital information from you! ;) Like you couldn't find it somewhere else on the web. But you want to hear it from me, right?
(You'll have to excuse me -- I'm on some medication for my hives and it has me a little loopy).

There are many methods used for sprouting -- you can use baskets for draining, bags made out of flax fabric, canning jars with a mesh screen on top. But I just use bowls and pans. I have tried the mesh screen jar, but it doesn't make a whole lot. (I like to sprout in bulk). I bought some flax at a fabric store once and it sat in my pantry for a few years. When I finally got into sprouting, I couldn't find the fabric *roll/eyes*. I found a basket at a rummage sale that I thought would be perfect for sprouting (after learning this technique from The Sproutman's book). But I haven't even tried it yet either. I just keep doing what I learned from Alissa Cohen and it suits me fine.

I mostly sprout wheat berries. I take a really big measuring bowl (probably holds 8 cups). I fill it 3/4 with wheat and fill it to the top with water. I cover it with a plate (Alissa used paper towels) and let it sit overnight.

The next day I rinse them in a colander. Sometimes a few will already have sprouts (mostly happens when it's warm). Then I take an oblong baking pan (you can't use metal and it can't be clear -- so no glass). I use a Pampered Chef stone pan. It's nice to have the pan be wide and not too deep (4 inches tops) so the wheat won't get too wet and start to mold.

A few times throughout the day, I put the wheat back into the colander and rinse it. By the end of the day (if it's warm) or by the next morning, I'll have sprouts that are as long as the wheat berries. They are done -- ta da!

To harvest them, I just rinse them one more time in the colander and fill up 2 big ziploc bags (gallon-size). I store them in the refrigerator.

I have to go help my 12 year old son with his math. I'll come back to talk recipes in the morning. TTFN!

Note on 9/24 -- Sorry I haven't gotten back to this. I'm going to make crackers today -- will take pictures, then will post the recipes afterwards. Promise!

Note at the end of 9/24 -- I made my crackers -- woo hoo! It's late, but I did it. They're in the dehydrator now. They'll dehydrate long enough overnight to get the one side ready to flip over (I guess I'll explain that later with the recipe). In the morning, I'll flip them, then they'll take a few more hours to finish up. I took a few pics to night, but I'll be sure to take more with the final product.

Also, I made some Rocky Road Pudding/Ice Cream with the insides of a Thai Baby Coconut. I think I promised to do that long ago on my post on Coconuts. I'll post the pics there tomorrow and will give the link here. Have to get to bed so I can get up for my workout tomorrow! TTFN!

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