Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Beachbody opportunity!

Right after I finished my workout this morning, the phone rang and the Caller ID said "Product Partners." My brain did a quick whirl and I thought, "Isn't that Beachbody?" (their business name) My husband does business from home, so I thought it may be some company for him that I was confusing it with, but I was pretty sure it was Beachbody. I figured it might be Anna.

I answered and it was a man telling me the e-mail he had for me wasn't going through (my old cable company got bought out and changed our e-mails -- grrr!) and could he get my new one so he could send one out about the June 21st infomercial. I asked if that was when a new one would air? No, he said, they were going to do more filming and needed us to come to Beachbody again? Another trip to Beachbody? June what?

When we were notified for our QVC trip, we had 4 days notice. Did they want us to go this week? Wait, June 21st was last week. So I questioned him on it and he said he meant July. Then I asked about the trip - -I hadn't heard about another trip down.

He was surprised I hadn't heard before, but filled me in that they're filming more for a new infomercial and want us 4 plus a few others to come. First they need some body shots and one face shot to see to make sure we haven't changed much since the last time we were there (1 1/2 years ago). My hair's a little longer and my body may be a little different. But I'll take some pictures and see what they think.

He said they wanted us 4 (me, Jocelyn, Monica, and Kali -- the cast members from Slim Series Express) to come down and do some more taping for a new infomercial. I actually don't know how I'd handle seeing myself on an Slim in 6 infomercial talking, but the process of filming last time was so much fun.

I loved the last trip and hope to get to do it again! I just called Jocelyn and she said she'd heard about it in April from Anna (she said the e-mail was to all 4 of us), but when she didn't hear anything and e-mailed Debbie about it in May, Debbie said the creative team changed their minds on filming more. So she thought it was over until she got an e-mail from Beachbody yesterday.

Hope it works out! All the more reason to eat raw and live well!

Edited to add that I'm going on the trip! It will be July 22nd-25th and I'm excited. I've been doing Slim Series workouts 5x week to get my body ready. I've also bought a few exercise tops to have for rehearsal and filming. They haven't said if they'll supply the workout clothes, but I'm thinking for that many people, they probably won't. Hopefully I'll get more details this week. TTFN!

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