Thursday, April 10, 2008

Filming Slim Series Express w/Debbie Siebers - - Travel Day!

Here are a few brief posts from the evening I was flying away for LAX. Jocelyn (my castmate) had left earlier that day since she had a longer flight from the mid-west. I thought of her all day and was so excited to meet her that night. I had it all pictured in my mind -- arriving at the hotel, picking up my little packet at the desk from Beachbody with all my instructions, money for food, etc. I had e-mailed Jocelyn beforehand about buzzing her room to meet her if I didn't get in too late. It was pretty exciting! Here's the post I wrote later that night:

Guess what? After a flight delay of 30-40 minutes, they cancelled my flight!!! (Due to bad weather). So I'm back home, hoping that tomorrow's early morning flight isn't cancelled too. I'm actually on the computer seeing if the plane that leaves at 6:00 in the morning came in tonight or not. So far, it's delayed 1/2 hour -- but at least it's on its way here. So we'll see if it lands or turns around like it did earlier tonight. Anna was just wonderful when I called. She said it wasn't a problem if I was late -- the shuttle would just pick me up from the airport and take me directly to the rehearsal -- they'd have breakfast waiting for me, etc. -- not to worry. So I hope that all works out well............guess I just have to get there first to see. How on earth am I going to sleep tonight?

I have to give you a little background on our airport. I live in a pretty rural area where it's also very foggy much of the year. They actually built our airport in the foggiest spot of the county to be able to use as a test for military purposes (or so I've been told). So it's not uncommon for flights to get cancelled. However, it wasn't all that foggy that night.

When I got to our airport, I saw that another flight w/United got cancelled, but it was for other reasons and I was relieved ours (w/Horizon) still seemed like a go. I waited about 1/2 hour, then went through security. We waited in a little room for about another 1/2 hour, then were told our flight was delayed. Delayed again, then cancelled. I didn't know what to do. This was the chance of a lifetime for an exercise video enthusiast like me and I didn't want to miss it. I was told that the next morning's plane was supposed to come in at 10:00 that night and if it didn't, there would be no plane to leave in the morning. So I was definitely hoping and praying for that plane to land.

It's a 12 hour drive from here to L.A. and my husband told me just to just start driving -- drive all night long. I knew I'd have a problem doing that, as well as being awake and alert for a rehearsal the next day. My other option -- if the plane didn't get here later that night, was to leave at 4:00 a.m. for the town 3 hours east of here (where the plane briefly stops before going from here to L.A.) I still liked the option of leaving here better.

So I stayed awake (even though I'd have to leave at 5:00 for the airport even if it was here) to see if the plane landed. I checked the internet and it was delayed. I kept checking and at one point, went and sat in bed. My husband walked into the bathroom and saw the plane pass our house and told me it had come. I didn't even know we were in the flight path -- it's not close enough to hear, but I guess close enough to see! So I checked on-line and sure enough, a few minutes later, it had landed.

I didn't sleep much. There was the antsy-ness of the whole up and down of the night and the need to wake up early. I didn't even know what to wear - - all had shifted -- how to dress on a flight to be able to work out when I got there, etc. But I was grateful to spend a bit more time with my husband and children when I knew I wouldn't have otherwise. It was transformational in some sense that I can't explain (they were as surprised to see me after thinking I'd left for the week!)

Anyway, here was the last VF post of that night:

My dh just saw the plane pass our bathroom window, so hopefully it's on the landing path instead of just circling around. I just checked the flight status again and it says in 2 minutes, which is a change from the last time I checked, so that sounds about right from where we live to the airport. Hope, hope, HOPE!!!

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