Monday, March 31, 2008

Tough Home Workout -- Cathe's Power Hour

If you're not convinced that you can get a good workout at home, you haven't tried Power Hour. Cathe Friedrich is at her best in this workout from several years ago (2001). Power Hour has been compared to Body Pump classes in that the music is planned to go with the moves and each body part is complete at the end of each song.

Before I get too far from the photo, I have to say that my favorite cast member in Cathe's videos is on the right (Cathe's left). Her names is Rhonda and she is such a delight to work out with. She's always full of joy, no matter what she's doing. She has this mixture of grace and merriment that is a pleasure to behold. I know this may sound a little over the top in observing a background exerciser, but she's really that fun to have in my morning workouts :).

I won't review Power Hour in full (or even do it justice with a partial review --
you can find those here from the VF site). But I will just tell you that it's a great full body muscle endurance (high rep) workout that will challenge you at any level. I started doing it in 2001 and continued using it weekly throughout my last pregnancy. I had to lower the weights as I went, but it was still a solid workout that kept my body strong.

I did it today (that's me this
very morning) as part of my STS-like periodization plan I'm doing right now. I do it every Monday for the first 4 weeks, (with Cathe's Legs & Glutes workout on Wednesdays, her Muscle Endurance workout on Fridays and cardio on the days in between).

I know many people say that they can't get motivated to work out from home -- that they need a friend or someone "live" to work out with to help them keep going. I find the opposite to be true for me.
With a video workout, I can find the best instructors in the fitness industry who have well-planned workouts and know how to get you to work.

I do like some things about live classes, but there are many drawbacks. One is that I am never sure of what the teacher will deliver (and sometimes it's not suited to your body or mood. With videos, I can preview, read reviews, get an idea of what I'm in for before I begin. I especially like this for a yoga practice because some instructors or styles just lose my interest fast or don't feel right for my body. I've been stuck in a few classes where I don't want to offend the instructor by leaving, but just don't feel like I'm able to get into the practice (and battle with myself throughout, wanting to leave and just do yoga that's more suited to me).

I also like that in a home workout, I'm never thinking about any one else in the room -- what someone else may think of how I'm doing, or getting distracted myself by what others are doing. I can really focus on my workout and let it carry me to greater heights.

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