Monday, March 10, 2008

STS -- Cathe's Shock Training System

I know I should be writing more on my big Video Fitness List (and I will). But I'm just a bit antsy to write about something different too.

Cathe Friedrich announced a month or so ago that she's producing a new workout system, the Shock Training System (or STS) that is based on Periodization, where you work on one area of focus (like cardio or muscle endurance) for a period of time (called a Mesocycle), take a brief rest, work the next period on a different focus, rest briefly, then finish up with a different focus. Cathe defines periodization in this way:

"Periodization is simply an organized approach to weight training and exercise that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a workout program during a specific period of time."

She's using a method she's seen work for years in her fitness studio which is Muscle Endurance for the first Mesocycle, Muscle Conditioning for the second Mesocyle, and Muscle Strengthening for the final Mesocycle. It's pretty involved and pretty advanced, I'm sure. She created a forum just to answer questions about it and has a blog chronicling the whole planning and filming process.

I wasn't so sure if I would want to order this at first because it's a three month plus commitment and is quite expensive. But Cathe has provided high quality advanced workouts that I love for years and I wanted to see what her expertise in such a sophisticated system could do for my body. It may be a few more months -- maybe even several before these workouts are finished and released on dvd. When I get mine, I'll be sure to post on here how I'm doing and what the journey is like. I'll be sure to keep up on my yoga as I go. That's a vital component to my fitness as well.

Meanwhile, I've started up a group of Video Fitness women (or VFers as we call ourselves) to do a check-in of an STS-like rotation with the Cathe workouts that we already have. We're going to start on March 24th, which will take us through July 12th (incidently my dh's and my 21st anniversary of first meeting each other :)). I'll let you know how that goes too.

Back to making my list!

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  1. I'm excited to get these new STS Cathe DVDs although I'm sure I will have to modify alot. I think these workouts will be worth it. Cathe's workouts are top notch and everytime she makes new workouts, they motivate me to heights of fitness. Great blog by the way! Keep it up!