Thursday, February 28, 2008

Raw Recipe -- Fudge!

I'll post some recipes from time to time since I'm sure I'll be mentioning them often. I'll try to post pics of them too, so you get an idea of what you're making. Sound good? Hope so :).

Here are my favorite fudge recipes:

Raw Walnut Fudge (tastes like chocolate caramels)
2 c. dates (not soaked)
2 c. walnuts
½ c. raw cacao powder

Blend up the dates in a food processor. (Even though the dates are pitted, occasionally the food processor will jam and there’s always a pit caught in the blade, that I just take out and then get it going again). Once blended well, add the walnuts. Blend until the mixture is creamy like a paste (amazing how smooth walnuts can become). Add in the raw cacao. Press into a pan (I usually use an oblong Tupperware container). You can also just make them into fudge balls if you'd like. That's easier for taking them in a ziploc bag wherever you go. I like them cut from a pan though. Feels like real fudge that way. Refrigerate. Enjoy!

Other options! -- I've also made these with raw pecans. They don't blend up as well as walnuts, but they are really tasty in combo with the walnuts -- 1/2 and 1/2 or even 2/3 pecans and 1/3 walnuts.  And I've tried it with raw cashews -- less grainy than the pecans, but make sure you soak them for a few hours first.  Walnuts are just amazing because they require no soaking and cream up just fine. PLUS they have omega 3 fats that everyone says are essential for heart health.

Note: You can make it with regular cocoa powder if you can’t find raw cacao (I’ve only seen it in one store). I like the taste of the raw cacao better though (and it’s packed with nutrients you can’t get in cocoa powder). The best price I’ve found for raw cacao is on from a company called Nivea’s Naturals. They sell 2 bags (a pound each) for $25 with free shipping. 

Almost Raw Peanut Butter Fudge

It’s extremely difficult to find raw peanut butter (and expensive -- $24.95 for a small jar only on one website). No stores sell it because I guess all but some jungle peanuts from the Amazon have some fungus in their shell and must be cooked before sold. So I used to make this fudge with raw almond butter. But I ran out once and made it with organic peanut butter instead and it’s MUCH tastier – quite heavenly actually (and less expensive). So when I’m not focusing on 100% raw, I eat this a LOT. It takes the place of all the cookies I used to eat and never makes me gain weight like cookies do.

1 c. soaked dates (pour out the water)

1 c. dates (not soaked)
1 c. peanut butter (I used to use Marantha, but now Costco sells a nice creamy organic peanut butter and I use it instead)
¾ c. raw cacao (I like it very chocolatey!)

Blend the dates first, then the peanut butter. The paste will be a bit thicker than with the walnut mixture in the other fudge recipe. Add in the cacao at the end.

Press dough into a container that seals. Store in the refrigerator. It tastes best cold and set. Sometimes when I want some right away, I’ll put it in the freezer for about ½ hour, eat some, then refrigerate it before it starts to freeze.

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