Friday, February 1, 2008

My Blog Idea List

I keep getting ideas of what to write about in my blog. I'm just so excited to share what floats around in my head all the time, I guess. I was getting ideas yesterday too, but when I sat down to the computer this morning, my mind went blank at first.

So I decided to write a little "To Do" list or Idea List of topics for my blogs. I wrote them in a Word Document, but decided to list them here in case you're wondering what's coming to theatres somewhere near you -- no, just to my blog :).

So here it is. I'm sure I'll think of more as we go:

Blog Ideas

~ My history with The Brady Bunch / seeing Mike in1990
~ Cathe
~ Yoga in general
~ Yoga/Baron
~ Yoga/Tilak/Erich

~ Yoga/Steve Ross
~ Yoga Classes (taken/taught)
~ Video Fitness Collection
~ Pilates
~ Debbie Siebers/Slim Series
~ Filming with Beachbody
~ Going to QVC
~ Raw food
~ Recipes
~ Sprouting
~ Juicing
~ Green Smoothies
~ Eat to Live
~ More about my children

~ Being called “patient and mellow"
~ Facing Fears / Costco article (I read today)

Hope I don't overwhelm you with yoga talk, but there's a lot to talk about. I've learned so much from yoga. Even if you don't like doing it (my husband doesn't like it at all -- he's so inflexible that everything hurts and he gets dizzy afterwards, which some have told him means he needs to do it more for the tension and toxin release), it's fun to learn what yogic thought has to offer.

Okay, off to watch (I'm not making this up :)) an episode of the Brady Bunch with my younger kids before they go to bed. TTFN! -- Renee

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