Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eating Dreams

I'm doing it -- somehow I'm doing it! I've just completed day two of eating all raw. I'm keeping a journal of that on my other blog (just posted a link to it on the right), but I just wanted to say that it's wonderful to know that I can stick with something when I really put my mind to it. I can set a goal one night and not turn away from it the next morning.

One indication I've always had with my determination to stick with my eating plan is my sugar nightmares. Long ago before I even knew much about nutrition, but did recognize that I had a sugar addiction and would often set "No Sugar" goals. I knew I was going to do well with it when I'd have a dream that I was eating a big plate of cookies, a giant ice cream cone, and once even a stack of about 20 pancakes dripping with syrup only to realize that I'd made a goal not to eat sugar anymore and Eeeek! I was eating sugar! Then I'd wake up, find it was only a dream, and would sigh with relief that I was still doing well with my plan. This has been going on for at least a decade if you can believe it.

Well, this week I'm not sure if it was because I evaluated my goal-setting dilemnas on this blog or what, but I had the eating dream before I even started my plan. How cool is that? I dreamed that I was eating some homemade bread and several bites into it, realized that I had challenged myself to eat raw for the next 2 weeks. I didn't want to blow it right from the start! I started spitting out the bread, but realized that it was only a dream. So nice. And interesting that I had the dream before it even began. I guess I was really determined.

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